Sea glass

Sea glass is weathered glass found along the coastline. The alkaline seawater and abrasion of sand and other rocks over periods of 50 to several hundred years give it the frosted and pitted look characteristic of genuine sea glass. Sea glass is becoming more rare due to the transition from glass to plastic and increased recycling/anti-litter campaigns.

I collect most of my sea glass in Seaham, England where there was a glass factory from 1853-1921. At the end of each day, the waste glass was dumped into the sea, giving us the sea gems we find today.

Sea Glass Rarity Chart

  • Common: white, soft blue, brown, jade/forest green

  • Uncommon: soft green, amber, lime green

  • Rare: pink, aqua, cornflower blue (1 in 500), coalt blue (1 in 300), citron, lavender/purple, black, grey

  • Extremely rare: orange (1 in 10-20,000), red (1 in 10,000), yellow, teal, turquoise, multi-coloured glass, opalized glass (1 in 50,000 pieces), bubbly black glass from the 1700’s

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