Annual Sea Glass Hunting Trip

Every year, our American friends from House of Z Sea Glass make their annual pilgrimage to hunt sea glass in the UK. I went to uni with them, and we love it when they come to visit! There is always a trip to Seaham, England, but they also explore other areas. This year we joined them for a week on Arran in Scotland. While we spent a lot of time sea glass hunting, we also had a fantastic week exploring the island. There is so much to see on Arran, from the wildlife, to standing stones, to beautiful waterfalls! We spent our evenings eating Amy’s delicious cooking, putting together jigsaw puzzles, and just catching up in front of a cosy fire.

We always do some research to find where the best sea glass locations might be and we go to beaches suggested by other folks. We didn’t find any information about old dumps (usually great places for finding sea glass) on Arran, and the beaches that were suggested to us were not very fruitful. We did find, percentage wise, a good number of the Arran blues that are frequently spoken about. We also visited a couple of beaches that were perfect, conditions wise, for sea glass, but hey ho, it looks like the folks that live on Arran are a pretty clean bunch! We had the best luck up north on a few beaches where it was obvious that the sea glass was very old. It was well tumbled and we found some nice colours!

Sea Glassing is cold, wet business!

Found a pink piece of sea glass!

This year we did not make it down to Seaham with our friends, but they reported back to us. Apparently the glass down there is really dwindling. There were loads of people searching on the beach, and they ran into several other American couples that had come over to look for sea glass. While sea glass is technically rubbish, it is sad to see the beautiful multis that have been found for years at Seaham getting so hard to find. They really are becoming rare treasures!

Seaham Multi Sea Glass

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