I'm not a morning person!

But, if I start my day off right, it really helps!

How do you start your day? My morning routine consists of coffee, morning pages, yoga, and meditation. I haven’t been very disciplined with it lately, but last week, I realized just how much I was missing it and I re-dedicated myself to this valuable part of my day. I can already tell it is making a difference. Just that wee bit of quiet time to myself helps me to wake up and feel much more bright and cheery! I had forgotten how much I depend on it to get me going.

Have you heard of morning pages? Morning pages were written about by Julia Cameron in "The Artist's Way." They are three pages of longhand, stream of conscious writing done first thing in the morning before you have time to really wake up. There are many articles written about how beneficial they are. I do adore my morning pages. The first thing I do when I get out of bed (besides desperately trying NOT to check my social media) is to make myself a cup of coffee and sit down with my wee notebook. Then, I write. Since I am a right grouch in the mornings, my pages tend to be a bit gripey. :-) I really feel that they help me to get those early morning whinges out of my system and start the day in a better state of mind. Here is a link to Julia's page telling about morning pages: http://juliacameronlive.com/basic-tools/morning-pages/

Morning page notebook and coffee!

After I finish my coffee and my writing, I do a quick yoga session. It’s the same every morning. Consisting of trees and downward dogs, it is a gentle routine that helps to wake me up. I try to clear my head a bit and focus on my body and the movement. It helps to prepare me for the final part of my routine – meditation.

Yoga mat and feet!

Finally, I settle down in my meditation spot. It’s a tiny space by the window of my bedroom and it contains my cushions, some candles, and a few Buddhas and other meaningful items. I set my timer on my phone and settle down for 20 minutes of mindfulness of breathing or metta bhavana practice. After my wee chime goes off telling me that my meditation is finished, I am ready to face the day. I hop into the shower and I am on my way!

My meditation cushions

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