The symbology of the lotus

I wanted to talk a little about my new lotus collection and the inspiration behind it.

J. Aubrey Recycled Silver Lotus and Moss Agate Necklace

About a year ago, I made the decision to commit to Buddhism, and I became a Mitra, which is a novice Buddhist. I find the symbols in Buddhism, such as the lotus, very inspiring.

Have you heard the saying “no mud, no lotus?” The lotus grows not in spite of the mud, but because of it. The roots of the lotus are in the muddy, murky water, but the flower rises above to bloom, clean and fragrant. The heart of a person is like the unopened lotus, ready to grow and bloom. Beautiful things and beautiful people come out of the most stinky, smelly circumstances.

This is why my new collection is built around the lotus. The lotus is a beautiful flower that is highly symbolic in Buddhism. We have all had dark times in our pasts. We come through those dark times to flower and become stronger people.

J. Aubrey Recycled Silver Lotus Necklace

The lotus symbols in my jewellery are highly significant for me. I hope that you can find inspiration in them as well.

J. Aubrey Recycled Silver Lotus Studs
J. Aubrey Recycled Silver Lotus Dangle Earrings
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