This boho statement necklace has loads of colour and would make an outfit!  The colours in the rustic enamelled pendant complement the ombre colours in the sari silk. 

This collection was inspired by the corrosion of man-made industrial structures on the coast of Scotland. I hand pierce each pendant from copper offcuts. The pendant is then coated with multiple layers of vitreous enamel and repeatedly fired in a kiln heated to 820 C. To finish the piece, it is oxidised. The pendant measures 8.5x4 cm and hangs on a 30 inch piece of hand dyed reclaimed sari silk. The colours in the pendant compliment the sari silk. The silk can be shortened if desired by untying the knot and re tying it at your preferred length. The back of the pendant is enamelled in a simpler mostly white colour. It is a gorgeous, but simple statement piece.

I make all of my jewellery in my studio in Glasgow. Each piece is as individual as you are!

I work hard to have a studio and jewellery making practice that is eco-friendly and ethical. I use recycled and reclaimed materials in my jewellery, and the enamel that i use is a more environmentally friendly lead free enamel. I also limit the use of chemicals in my studio and use non-toxic alternatives when possible. All of my packaging, from the jewellery boxes to the packing material, is also made from recycled materials.

* Materials: copper, recycled sari silk
* Style: Boho statement necklace
* Finish: Vitreous enamel, oxidised copper

Jewellery care - Enamel is glass, so take care not to drop your jewellery and store it in a safe place when not in use.

Enamel necklace on sari silk

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