Stacy began her career as a bio-geographer in Tennessee and ended up as a cartographer overseas supporting international development programs before moving to Scotland with her partner in 2010.  Once here, she took courses in search of a new vocation. After several false starts, silversmithing ignited her passion and becoming a jeweller seemed the perfect way to combine her academic background with her creative nature.  


Even as a child, Stacy was environmentally conscious. It drove her desire to become a biologist, and still plays a large role in her work today.  Her practice is ecologically minded. She uses traditional processes but focuses on sustainability by using recycled silver, found and reclaimed items such as sea glass, ethically sourced stones, eco-friendly lead-free enamels, and packaging made with recycled materials.  She lessens the impact of her work by reducing the use of chemicals and using less toxic alternatives when possible. By being conscientious, the environmental impact of making jewellery can be reduced considerably.  It’s an ongoing process which Stacy re-evaluates constantly. 


Stacy’s organic, minimalist pieces are influenced by her love of nature, all things green, and the colours and contours of the natural environment. The effects of the elements on man-made objects on the coast of Scotland inspired the Corrodere Collection. She loves a patina!


The name J. Aubrey Jewellery was inspired by Stacy’s grandfather, James Aubrey.  He was an imposing, but loving figure that left a huge impression on her even 20 years after his passing. 

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